Glomerular basement membrane antibodies (anti-GBM)

Patients suffering from the Goodpasture syndrome develop autoantibodies that bind to a special type collagen, the so called “Goodpasture antigen” in the glomerular basement membrane of their kidneys that helps filter waste and extra fluid from the blood. Goodpasture syndrome can lead to rapidly progressive kidney failure along with lung disease.

The detection of these glomerular basement membrane antibodies (anti-GBM) in the sera of patients with suspected Goodpasture syndrome is the conclusive finding for the diagnosis of the disease.

A positive test for myeloperoxidase antibodies (anti-MPO) and a positive pANCA are also consistent with Goodpasture’s syndrome.


Tests offered by ORGENTEC Diagnostika


Anti-GBM (ORG 550, ORG 250)


ANCA-3-Line (ORG 789)


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