SS-A antibodies (anti-Ro)

SS-A/Ro antibodies occur regularly in patients with several different connective tissue diseases including Sjögren’s syndrome (up to 90% of cases), lupus erythematosus (up to 60% of cases), and rheumatoid arthritis. They are also associated with childhood lupus erythematosus, neonatal lupus, and with congenital heart block in infants born to mothers with lupus erythematosus.

Testing for these autoantibodies is indicated for patients with signs and symptoms of a connective tissue disease and in whom the test for antinuclear antibodies (ANA) is positive, especially when symptoms are consistent with Sjögren’s syndrome or lupus erythematosus.

The SS-A/Ro antigen is one of four autoantigens commonly referred to as extractable nuclear antigens (ENA). The other ENAs are RNP, SS-B/La, and Sm.


Tests offered by ORGENTEC Diagnostika


Anti-SS-A 52 (ORG 652, ORG 252)
Anti-SS-A 60 (ORG 660, ORG 260)
Anti-SS-A (ORG 508, ORG 208)
ANAcombi (ORG 539)
ENAcombi (ORG 514)
ENA-4-Profile (ORG 544)
ENA-6-Profile (ORG 546)


ANA-9-Line (ORG 710-08, ORG 710-16)
Nucleo-9-Line (ORG 711-08, ORG 711-16)


Anti-Nuclear Antibodies HEp-2 (ANA-HEp-2) (ORG 870)


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